Love (…for the love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts)

Love and Forgiveness     (1)

We walk in love and forgiveness, doing good to all men, especially those of our kind” – the first line of our creed.

What is love?

God is Love.

Every expression of love, true or adulterated, has God as its original source. If there was no LOVE, there would have been nothing to adulterate or perverse.

Knowing that even animals exhibit affections for their youngs and sexual mates, we will not dwell on these kinds of love.

Love is not just an emotion, it requires intelligence and it is active. 1Jn.3:17-18. For God so loved the world that He did something. He gave His only Son, Jesus. We too are enjoined to do good to all men, especially those of our kind. Gal.6:10

Though love entails doing good, doing good is not love. Giving to the poor, feeding the hungry and helping the needy are goods we must heartily give ourselves to lest the King groups us with the goats in judgment (Matt. 25:31-46). However, we understand from 1 Cor.13:3 that it is possible for a man to give up all he has and his very body for some reasons other than love.

We will look at the love of God, the love of self, the love of others, and how these are interwoven. We will look at how our thoughts and conclusions about our love lives may be false, and the opposite may be the reality.

God loves us, and it is His love that gives us the strength to love Him back. 1 Jn.4:19

The truth is that there can not be a true love of self without a love of God. Without God, man will do many things and take many ways that seem right to him not knowing they lead to destruction. He will honestly and sincerely, but ignorantly lead himself to his own doom. Prov.14:12

In the same way, you can not rightly love your brother without first loving God; and you can not claim to love God if you don’t love your brother. 1 Jn.5:2; 1 Jn.4:20

Jesus said that our love for one another will be the evidence that we follow Him. Jn.13:35

Also, there is a need for love of self in order to be able to love your neighbour. It is the love you have for your self that will serve as a template for the love you have for your neighbour. Lev.19:18; Lk.10:27

The way to stay in the light and not stumble is to love your brother. 1 Jn.2:10

We know that the love of God (the root love) has been shed abroad in our hearts. Rom.5:5

So the challenge we usually face as Christians is not a ‘want’ of love, but reluctance in dispensing it. We usually try to decide who deserves our love and who doesn’t, we are quick to forget that we did not deserve God’s when Christ died for us. Rom.5:8

Now, just learning some bible verses on love, that we should love at all times, that we should love our enemies; will only continue to produce condemnation in us except we receive the power to love even when it is painful.

A measure of this power comes by reason of knowledge (education), the reason for these pages.

In 2 Pet.1:5-11, there is a list of things we should do in order to never fall (in order to function effectively in God, these things are what you may still have to learn even after getting your PhD, because they are not taught in classrooms). There, we’ll notice that love comes far behind knowledge on the list. Why? Love requires knowledge; you need to be ‘educated’ to be able to love rightly.

Love in its deepest sense can not be reasoned out, it is not logical. The bible says that it surpasses knowledge (Eph.3:19). Which means it cannot be taught, we can’t preach it into your life; it can only be prayed. But we have to start from somewhere, from a logical point, providing ourselves with reasons to love. Then as we continue in Him, beholding His face, we will be able to love as He does; without reasons.

Stay tuned.

~ David Adebola Oke

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