All Things Are Yours!

All Things Are Yours (…the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours)

God is good and only good can come from Him.

There is no good in Satan; he is the source of all evil.

When we were with Satan, all evil had been given to us; both the ones we experienced and the ones we did not. We could explore evil to any extent, facing its attending consequences.

In Christ, we do not lack the abilities we had in the world; we loose the love, passion and taste for evil. We lack the willingness to do evil as we no longer derive pleasure from such. The sinful/evil nature does not rule over us again.

In God, every good thing has been given to us along with Christ Jesus Eph.1:3; the ones we have and the ones we don’t have. It is our responsibility to explore good as much as we can, enjoying the rewards. The limits have been taken off. If any seems to exist, it is only in our hearts. 2 Pet.1:3

That you do not have certain things does not change the fact that they have been given to you. All things are yours. You don’t have everything, and you don’t have to have everything for not all things are expedient for you. 1 Cor.10:23

Christianity is more exciting when for a higher purpose you choose not to have certain things even though all things are within your reach. However, the great lacks seen in the body of Christ today are mostly not by choice but due to lack of knowledge, not knowing how to take possession of what has been given.

There is a difference between been given something and having that thing, and there is a process moving from the former to the later.

There are many ways of having things in this world, but there is a Way of having things in the Kingdom. We can only walk in this Way through faith i.e. the process between the states of been given and having is faith.

We exchange faith for what God has given.

Faith is a process.

A process involves more than one step or stage; it is a systematic way of doing things; a series of events that produce change or development.

At times the process is sped up and all the stages look like an act; other times the stages are well defined, separated in time. However, a fundamental truth to accept in order to understand how faith works is that it is a process.

~ David Adebola Oke

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