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When the heat is on!

January 1, 2013

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I wish you readers a happy and prosperous new year.

However, history has taught that irrespective of our wishes every year comes with its own challenges and difficulties. Thus we know that this new year is not going to be without its heats.

Embedded in and tied to the challenges of each year are the happiness and prosperity we wish ourselves at the beginning of the year. It is only the few who are able to mine happiness and prosperity from the heart of these challenges that will have a great year.

Have you ever considered what happens if you put a frog in a water trough and turn on the heat? The only way out for the frog is through the mouth (top) of the trough, but there the water is hottest due to conventional current. In order to escape the heat, the frog sinks lower; away from the hotness but deeper into the grasps of death, only to realize its mistake too late.

How often in life do men behave like this frog, looking for the easy way out of difficult situations? How many times have you tried to escape the heat in your life by taking steps that only get you more entangled in the problem?

The truth is that the sure way out always appears the most difficult; apparently promising death when it actually leads to life.

Joseph did not only live, but was also able to preserve Israel because he did not take the easy way out in Potiphar’s house. The same goes for Daniel and his friends in captivity. What about Queen Esther? These heroes made hard choices because they were sure that was the only right choice.

Life is not about doing what’s comfortable or convenient; it’s about knowing what needs to be done and doing it. Though our Lord Jesus could have called in angelic Special Forces in the garden of Gethsemane, He chose the path of death in order to do the will of the Father.

We must do what we’ve got to do, we must take the narrow path; and more often than not, that’s the only true way out.

When the sun comes out this year for the sake of the seed, will you have enough courage to grow towards its rays?

What will you do when the heat is on in your life?

~ David Adebola Oke


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